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The Benefits of Buying From Your Local Butcher February 16, 2017

Green Forest, Carroll
The Benefits of Buying From Your Local Butcher, Green Forest, Arkansas

In today’s busy world, the convenience of a supermarket is great. But what most people don’t realize is that they can get the same level of convenience plus the added benefit of a large selection of some of the freshest meats around from their local butcher

The skilled butchers at Das Butcher Haus in Green Forest, AR, service a large rural area and process meats for professionals such as farmers and ranchers. Though they do not process any deer or game meat, they still have a rich variety of product to choose from in their retail meat and steaks store. 

What sets Das Butcher Haus apart from big chain supermarkets is that, much like most all local butchers, they do not use any additives or preservatives in their meats. This means you’re getting the best and freshest meat available. 

ButcherAfter speaking with your local butcher, he or she will make sure to provide you with special cut meats that big supermarkets are not able to make. Also, unlike supermarkets, meat shops buy meats from local farms in their area, and they use as much of the animal as they can. Hardly any of the butchered meat goes to waste, which speaks to how butchers honor the life of the animal. 

At local butcher shops, you’re always guaranteed the best piece of meat. Their products are humanely slaughtered, cut just the right way, and properly stored. It’s also a good bet that your local butcher will provide you more personalized service than the supermarket meat counter. They know and appreciate the fact that you are supporting their business, which in turn benefits the local community as a whole. 

So next time you’re craving an excellent cut of meat, consider buying from your local butcher. For more information about family-owned and -operated Das Butcher Haus, visit their website, or call (870) 438-6594.

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