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Top 7 Study Tips for Students With ADHD April 18, 2017

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Top 7 Study Tips for Students With ADHD, Amenia, New York

Every child learns differently. However, having ADHD can create additional pressures that hinder classroom performance. Thus, Amenia, NY’s Maplebrook School explains, it’s essential that teachers and parents equip students with the tools to overcome obstacles caused by their learning disability. Here, this private boarding school discusses seven tips that have helped generations of Maplebrook students conquer their studies.

7 Study Tips for Students With ADHD

1. Prioritize

To keep yourself from getting ADHDdistracted by trivial tasks throughout the day, take a few moments each morning to write down the day’s assignments. Then, read over this list again and order each item from most to least important.

2. Identify Distractions

Some students with ADHD prefer studying in quiet rooms. Others prefer environments with ambient noise. You may need to try a few different settings before you find the ideal study spot, so don’t get discouraged.

3. Get Moving

If you have trouble sitting still while you’re doing homework, look for a study spot that is not only free of distractions, but that also allows you to move around. At Maplebrook School, students are required to participate in a sport, which may also decrease restlessness throughout the day.

4. Develop a Routine

Try developing a specific set of study habits. For instance, some may find it more helpful to solve the most difficult (or least liked) problems first, while others feel more productive tackling the easier ones. Which approach keeps you more focused?

5. Take Breaks

Dividing your assignments into small chunks not only makes studying less daunting but also helps you absorb any dense material. Incorporate short timeouts every 15 to 30 minutes—it may even help to set an alarm so you do not go over your allotted break time. 

6. Partner Up

Some individuals with ADHD learn best when they read information aloud or talk through difficult material. Thus, it may be helpful to find another student in your class with whom you can study. If you attend a private boarding school like Maplebrook, you can also team up with someone in your housing community.

7. Communicate

If you continue to private boarding schoolhave difficulty completing assignments, you can reach out to a teacher or administrator. Not only can they help you make the most of the above tips, but they can also give you additional advice based on your unique learning profile.

To take these tips a step further, enroll in Amenia’s Maplebrook School, a private boarding school that caters specifically to students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. For an overview of their curriculum as well as their integral RISE program, visit their website. For more on their application process, call them at (845) 373-9511.

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