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Grand Island’s Transmission Repair Experts on 4X4 Transfer Case Repair February 13, 2017

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Grand Island’s Transmission Repair Experts on 4X4 Transfer Case Repair, Grand Island, Nebraska

When it comes to keeping your four-wheel drive vehicle operating in peak condition, few car parts are more important than your transmission. While just about every vehicle will need transmission repairs sooner or later, the team at BG & S Transmissions of Grand Island in Grand Island, NE, notes that not many drivers understand the importance of 4X4 transfer case repair. Here’s a closer look at what you should know about this important transmission component.

First, it helps to understand why the transfer case is so important. This transmission component is found in all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles, and is sometimes called the “jockey box” or “transfer box.” The transmission sends power to the transfer case, and the transfer case then sends the power to the axles of your car. The transfer case also helps synchronize the rotation of the front and rear tires. In some vehicles, the transfer case may also come equipped with low-range gears to help drivers navigate off-road conditions.

transmission repairsAs essential as the transfer case is for four-wheel drive vehicles, it isn’t immune to the occasional maintenance issue. For example, a relatively common issue is when the transfer case has trouble shifting into the appropriate range. If left uncorrected, this could cause the transfer case to fail to shift power to the front and rear axles altogether. 

These and other problems can be caused by worn internal components or lubricant issues, and can often be caught in advance by paying attention to lubricant fluid leaks or grinding noises. By investing in standard maintenance for your vehicle and watching out for these warning signs, you can keep your 4X4 transfer case in good condition and avoid getting stranded when you need transmission repairs.

Whether you need a transmission diagnostic or a clutch repair, the team at BG & S Transmissions of Grand Island can help you keep your vehicle in top condition. To learn more about their offerings for transmission repairs—which include free towing up to 100 miles—visit them online or call (308) 382-2727.

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