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Top 3 Ways Summer Teen Travel Programs Turn Teens Into Better Leaders February 7, 2017

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Top 3 Ways Summer Teen Travel Programs Turn Teens Into Better Leaders, White Plains, New York

Summer teen travel programs are a great way to give your child a life-changing experience. In addition to standing out on college applications, teen travel camps give kids a chance to see how other people experience the world, and how their cultures differ from our own.

Zeal Adventure and Travel of White Plains, NY, is a teen summer leadership program that encourages high school students to grow through unforgettable adventures. Here, they give the top three ways that their programs help turn teens into better leaders.

  • Create a Sense of Global Responsibility: Seeing how people in other countries live takes what was once far away and makes it feel immediate and real. The different social groups, languages, customs, religions, and economic systems that kids witness firsthand during teen travel programs help them see that everything is connected. This experience helps them understand how our decisions and politics can affect communities across the planet by making the world and its people feel less abstract.
  • summer teen travel camp West Harrison NYIncrease Independence: After traveling to foreign countries, teens feel a sense of accomplishment that inspires them to become more independent and thoughtful—even if their journey was part of a closely controlled group environment like a summer teen travel program.
  • Offer a Deeper Perspective: Once a teen has traveled to foreign lands, they can look at issues in new ways and share their experiences with their peers. Even though teens can’t solve the world’s problems yet, they’ll have more confidence in their convictions and more to say about issues that matter to them.

If you’re looking for a life-changing summer experience for your teen, call Zeal Adventure and Travel at (844) 282-9325. Their summer teen travel programs help kids spread their wings, preparing them for college and life beyond with experiences, friendships, and adventure that they’ll never forget. Visit them online today to learn more about their program offerings, and book your high school student’s teen adventure trip of a lifetime.