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3 Ways Asphalt Is Environmentally Friendly February 7, 2017

Dothan, Houston
3 Ways Asphalt Is Environmentally Friendly, Dothan, Alabama

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly material for a paved surface, choose asphalt. Any paving contractor will tell you this material has a reputation for being particularly friendly to the planet. Whether you’re installing a new asphalt driveway or planning a new road, it’s the best option for anyone looking to minimize the environmental impact of their project.

The following are three key reasons why asphalt is so easy on the environment.

3 Environmental Benefits of Asphalt

1. Easy Production

Creating any sort of paving material requires the use of energy. Asphalt, however, requires significantly less energy than many other common options you might be looking into. From the very beginning, its effect on the planet is small. 

2. Easy Repairs

AsphaltUnfortunately, any paved surface can fall into disrepair, and when a roadway needs to be fixed or improved, congestion is a natural side effect, as drivers either seek out alternate routes or wait for the paving contractors to let them by. That’s why asphalt is an environmentally friendly choice for roads. It’s much easier to repair quickly, limiting the frequency of these traffic jams, which cause cars to use up more energy than they would traveling at a steady pace.

3. Long Lasting

Asphalt is a durable material, able to take a lot of wear and tear before breaking down to the point where it’s no longer usable. Because of this, using it reduces waste, as you’ll know you have a surface that won’t need to be replaced constantly.

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