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Ensure the Perfect Pizza Party With Enough Slices for All February 15, 2017

Westchester Village, Bronx
Ensure the Perfect Pizza Party With Enough Slices for All , Bronx, New York

When you’re hosting a pizza party, it’s your duty to ensure there are enough slices for everyone so nobody leaves the event hungry. Located in the Bronx, Emilio’s of Morris Park has become the go-to pizza delivery and carry-out source for countless pizza parties throughout New York City.

While an Italian restaurant like Emilio’s of Morris Park can offer delicious pizza for your event, it’s up to you to know how much to order. If you overestimate the order to be on the safe side, you might be paying for a bunch of pies no one will eat. Several factors go into placing a large pizza order so you can make sure you get it just right.

pizza deliveryFirst: Are you offering other food as well? Perhaps you’ve decided to serve culinary delights such as salads, wings, chips, or other hors d’oeuvres. Once the featured entrée comes around, your guests may not be as famished. This means you can dial back on the pizza.

You must also consider the pizza size. Many chain restaurants feature smaller sizes, with an average large size of around 14 inches. In comparison, the smallest size served at Emilio’s of Morris Park, 16 inches, is larger than the “large” at most pizza chains. Don’t just assume a “large” is big. Make sure you know the number of slices per pie.

Additionally, consider your guests’ appetites, especially if you’re throwing a pizza party for kids. Estimating children’s consumption can be tricky because kids under 10 tend to be light eaters, but as the age goes up, so does the appetite. Ask any parent of a teenager, and they’ll tell you an unbelievable but true tale about how much their growing child can eat.

Since there are many factors, a good rule of thumb is simply taking the number of people and multiplying it by 3/8. If you have 20 people coming, using that equation yields 7.5 pizzas. If you’re ordering thin crust or don’t have a lot of other dishes, round up to eight pizzas.

If the thought of doing a math equation with fractions is causing you anxiety, leave it up to Emilio’s of Morris Park. Give them a call when you’re preparing your menu, let them know how many guests are attending, and they’ll give you an estimate of the amount of pizzas needed. Order by calling (718) 822-6758 or by visiting their website.

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