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Hamden Dance Studio Gift Certificates Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift February 8, 2017

Hamden, New Haven County
Hamden Dance Studio Gift Certificates Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift, Hamden, Connecticut

Give the gift of dance this Valentine’s Day by presenting your loved one with a gift certificate  from Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT. Their pros will guide you and your partner through basic dance moves, providing a fun, comfortable environment to spend a romantic evening. They offer many dance classes for adults, and you will be taught with a combination of private and group instruction. The dance studio offers a variety of options, so you'll be sure to find a style that suits the preferences and experience level for you and your partner.

5 Dance Studio Lessons to Consider

Cha Cha

This Cuban dance is a romantic date-night staple. Dating to the 1950s, it includes feet shuffling, sensual hip movements, and a feisty attitude. Once you learn the cha cha, you'll be able to infuse the dance with your personality.


This is the perfect dance to have in your arsenal. Based on the foxtrot, the foxy offers slow, gentle movements that ooze romance. When the two of you show off this dance style, you'll feel like the only people in the room.

Nightclub Two-Step

Another dance that offers a slower pace, the nightclub two-step combines several styles. Expect gentle, gliding movements with a touch of attitude.


This dance is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to show off their personality. Inspired by other Latin dances, the salsa oozes heat and sensuality with strong hip and legs movements.


A staple in the dance world, the tango puts heavy emphasis on rhythm and timing. Conquering the footwork and personality of this dance will help you and your partner master more complicated dance lessons down the road.

To schedule a romantic evening with your sweetheart, contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT. Whether you're beginners, experts, or somewhere in between, these Hamden-based experts will help you learn how to dance before you know it. Call the dance studio at (203) 288-2482 to inquire about purchasing a gift certificate, and visit their website for more details about their programs.

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