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5 Anger Management Tips to Keep Your Temper in Check February 16, 2017

NOTA, Rochester
5 Anger Management Tips to Keep Your Temper in Check, Rochester, New York

Although anger is a natural response to the stressors of life, some people lose control in situations that don’t warrant a heated response. If seemingly minor frustrations have the power set you off, use these anger management tips to remain calm.

5 Tips for Controlling Your Anger

1. Try Relaxation Techniques

Anger ManagementTaking a few deep breaths can help you relax and prevent you from lashing out in anger. Low-impact exercises like walking or yoga can also reduce stress, keeping you relaxed and allowing you to get a handle on your emotions.

2. Change the Way You Think

One of the key steps to anger management involves altering your cognitive process. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts, you’ll be more likely to respond with anger when something frustrating happens. Rather than thinking the day is ruined after someone cuts you off in morning traffic, acknowledge the tension you’re feeling. Then, turn your focus to something more positive.

3. Learn How to Communicate More Effectively

Sometimes, anger arises because we don’t know how to communicate our thoughts and feelings effectively. If you have anger issues, you may jump to irrational conclusions in the heat of an argument, which only makes things worse. Focus on communicating how you feel and listening to the other person’s feelings before exploding.

4. Take Some Time for Yourself

If you spend all your time commuting, working a stressful job, and coming home to a list of chores, it’s impossible to enjoy a break from stress. On a regular basis, take some time to recharge so you can better handle the stressful situations of daily life. If you can’t take a vacation, spend an hour or two each week to read in a coffee shop or grab lunch with a friend. Regularly scheduled “me time” can give you the clarity you need to handle everything else.

5. Find Creative Solutions

Anger is never a positive or productive solution. In most cases, it just makes things worse. Instead of getting angry, try to come up with a creative fix for your problem. If you sit in traffic every morning, see if public transportation is an option. If your children won’t clean their rooms, shut their doors so you don’t have to look at the mess. When things don’t go your way, thinking outside the box can help you regain control and put your energy to good use.


If you are still struggling to get a handle on your anger, White Spruce Counseling offers anger management help for those in Rochester, NY. Their mental health counseling will allow you to work through your anger safely instead of masking it or taking it out on your loved ones. Visit the website or call (585) 424-2436 to schedule an appointment today.

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