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Cosmetic Dentist Gives 5 Reasons to Floss Every Day February 16, 2017

Valdosta, Lowndes
Cosmetic Dentist Gives 5 Reasons to Floss Every Day, Valdosta, Georgia

While flossing adds another step to your daily brushing routine, cosmetic dentists stress that it’s an essential step to creating a bright smile and enhancing your overall dental health. Dr. Kilby and the Kilby Family Dentistry team encourages each one of its patients to floss regularly for a variety of reasons. Do you want to boost your tooth and gum health for a strong white smile? Take note of the Valdosta dentist’s top reasons to floss. 

Cosmetic Dentist’s Top Reasons to Floss cosmetic-dentist

1. Reach Places Your Brush Can’t 

Your toothbrush is an essential tool for removing food and plaque from the surface of your teeth, but it doesn’t get in between cracks and crevices. By flossing when you brush, you’ll ensure that any buildup around your gums and in tiny spaces is gone for good. 

2. Prevent Decay & Gum Disease

The daily removal of plaque buildup and food particles protects you from tooth decay. Many patients think that if they merely brush every day, they’ll receive an A+ grade on their next dental checkup. But if you don’t floss, harmful plaque will fester in between the teeth and slowly erode tissue and enamel. 

3. Get Fresher Breath 

If you have bad breath, it may be because you need to floss. In fact, Dr. Kilby says, many cases of bad breath are due to excess plaque nestled in the mouth and between teeth. Instead of buying gum and mints in bulk, floss every day for a better taste in your mouth. 

4. Achieve Pain Relief 

While some patients say that flossing hurts and causes their gum to bleed, this is likely because they don’t floss enough. A regular flossing routine will make your gums healthier, eventually eliminating pain and bleeding. 

5. Stay Heart Healthy 

Dentists say flossing is good for your heart, too. Gum bacteria is linked to certain forms of heart disease. By keeping your mouth healthy at home and visiting your dental care team for regular checkups, you’ll ensure that both your teeth and your heart stay healthy. 

Flossing is necessary to your dental health, so get started today. To discuss your tooth and gum health with a cosmetic dentist, call Kilby Family Dentistry in Valdosta, GA, at (229) 247-0200. To explore valuable dental care tips, follow them on Facebook

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