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3 Health Benefits of Hiring a Carpet Cleaner February 10, 2017

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3 Health Benefits of Hiring a Carpet Cleaner, Valley, Alabama

If you have carpeting, you’re well aware of the unwanted dirt, dust, and debris it often attracts. No matter how hard you attempt to keep it clean, kids, pets, and time all take their toll, resulting in a dirty, unattractive appearance. A professional cleaning service does more than just improve your carpet’s look, however. Lanett, AL’s Rainbow Carpet Cleaning - Thomas Gardner shares three vital health benefits of hiring a carpet cleaner.

3 Ways Carpet Cleaners Benefit Your Health

1. Improve Air Quality

Pollutants not only induce allergy and asthma attacks, but they’re also unhealthy for non-sufferers. While vacuuming removes contaminants on the carpet’s surface, it only goes so far. A professional cleaning penetrates deeper into the surface to eliminate pollutants and allow everyone to breathe easier.

2. Eliminate Pollutants

carpet cleanerIf your carpeting isn’t cleaned thoroughly, trapped pollutants remain beneath the surface, becoming a leading source of indoor pollution. This affects more than just your breathing, as pollutants from particles, bugs, and pet dander combine to form toxic gases that are released every time someone steps on the surface. The formulas used by a professional carpet cleaner are the highest quality in the industry, successfully eliminating even deeply buried pollutants.

3. Prevent Mold

While many homeowners think mold is limited to the basement, the bathroom, and other moisture-rich areas, mold can develop fast in dirty carpeting. All of that buildup from wet shoes, rainwater, and spilled liquids has to go somewhere, and it often sinks deep within your carpet fibers. If it’s not dried out immediately, mold has the chance to develop. A carpet cleaning service utilizes high-powered tools to thoroughly dry surfaces and eliminate excess moisture, preventing future mold growth. 

For easy breathing and a fresher overall appearance for your home, turn to the best carpet cleaners in Lanett: Rainbow Carpet Cleaning - Thomas Gardner. Visit them online for more information, or call (334) 642-3086 to schedule your appointment today.

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