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Look Beyond the Photograph With the Inspirational Photographer Behind Camera Works Photography December 2, 2013

Lower Roxbury, Boston
Look Beyond the Photograph With the Inspirational Photographer Behind Camera Works Photography, Boston, Massachusetts

This past December, professional magazine photographer Mo Alghool, from Camera Works Photography had the distinct honor of being featured in the Original Living Magazine. With a true passion for photography, Alghool has explored the world of art from the moment he picked up a camera. Bringing his passion from Palestine to Boston in 1990, he has worked with many designers, including Isabel Lopes, the owner of Isabel Original Design.

With remarkable credits under his belt, Alghool has excelled his photography to new heights. His work represents “Equivalents” of his feelings, taking his work behind the simple photograph to capture a moment in time on film. His photographs remain true to his philosophy of photography, as he claims “It’s important that the picture remain realistic, and accurate.” More than just the subjects of the photograph are the emotions felt that at that moment of exposure.

When Alghool opened his own photography studio, Camera Works Photography he was able to take his passion and turn it into his way of life. Combing the techniques of documentary style, art and traditional portraiture, Alghool has taken the average commercial photography to be an expression of feelings and energies within each photograph. His credits include, wedding photography, special events, fine arts and portraits.

While Alghool himself is a plain spoken and straightforward individual his photography is so much more than that. His work brings to light those complicated motivations ideals that are often left out of the average photograph. Experience the world of commercial photography like never before, through the lens and expertise of Mo Alghool at Camera Works Photography.