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Prenatal Care: How to Handle an Aching Back During Your Pregnancy February 15, 2017

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Prenatal Care: How to Handle an Aching Back During Your Pregnancy, St. Peters, Missouri

If you’re pregnant and dealing with an aching back, you’re not alone. Whether mild or almost debilitating, back pain is a common complaint by expectant mothers. If you’re suffering from pregnancy-related back pain, the caring team of gynecologists at Advanced OB-GYN Services in St. Peters and Bridgeton, MO, will share prenatal care tips to help you cope.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to increased laxity in the joints, causing the pelvis to spread to make way for the baby. However, this condition also loosens every joint in the body — including the spine — and makes you more susceptible to pain or injury. If you’re suffering from back pain, follow these prenatal care tips:

  • Perform the Transversus Abdominis Exercise: Your transversus abdominis muscle provides stability to your pelvic joints and lower back. This muscle often becomes impacted during pregnancy, causing pain, but you can combat this through exercise. Lie on your back or side and place your fingers just in front of your pelvic bones. Take a deep breath and attempt to squeeze your lower abdominal muscles while you slowly exhale. It should feel as if you’re trying to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles together. Take care not to squeeze too hard.
  • Prenatal care Bridgeton MOCheck for Diastasis Recti Adominis: This condition is a result of certain abdominal muscles being impacted during pregnancy. To determine whether you have this condition, lie on your back, bend your knees, place your fingers atop your navel, and slowly lift your head. If you feel soft tissue as you do this, it’s time to visit your OB-GYN for prenatal care.
  • Be Careful: During and after pregnancy, it’s important to take care when lifting objects to avoid further back pain or injury. When you’re lifting something or engaging in any physical task, always exhale while doing it. When reclining, never bolt upright. Instead, roll slowly to your side and push yourself up.

If you’re suffering from pregnancy-related back pain, consult the caring experts at Advanced OB-GYN Services. Schedule an appointment by calling their St. Peters office at (636) 928-1800 or their Bridgeton location at (314) 291-2140. For more prenatal care tips, visit the practice’s website

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