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Point-of-Use Vs. Point-of-Entry Water Purification Systems March 22, 2017

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Point-of-Use Vs. Point-of-Entry Water Purification Systems, Henrietta, New York

If you’re looking to install a water purification system on your property, you have a few decisions to make. A key one involves choosing between a “point-of-entry” option and a “point-of-use” option. At Anderson Water Systems, based in Rochester, NY, they offer both. They’ll gladly discuss the benefits of each with you so you can be certain you’re making the right choice for your needs. Here, they explain the differences between these two types of water purification systems.

Point-of-Entry Water Purification Systems

Water-Purification-Rochester-NYA point-of-entry system is simply installed at your property’s main water line. This ensures any water you use, whether it’s for drinking, bathing, or doing laundry, has been properly filtered to remove contaminants. This is the option you may be leaning towards if you’re concerned about using clean water for all the household tasks you perform.

Point-of-Use Water Purification Systems 

A point-of-use system, on the other hand, is installed on one appliance or fixture. For example, some people don’t care whether or not the water they use to do laundry has been filtered. However, they want to be sure any water they drink is as clean as possible. In this case, they’ll install a point-of-use water purification system on a specific tap in their home. 

At Anderson Water Systems in Rochester, NY, they offer both types of filtration systems. Point-of-entry systems are beneficial because minerals within unfiltered water can react with detergents and soaps, making them less effective. However, if your only concern at the moment is ensuring you have clean drinking water, they’re happy to equip you with a point-of-use water purification system. To learn more about installing a system on your property, contact them online or call (800) 836-2509.

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