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Auto Repair Experts Share 3 Signs of a Transmission Problem February 10, 2017

Hill, New Haven
Auto Repair Experts Share 3 Signs of a Transmission Problem, New Haven, Connecticut

Keeping your car in good shape—not to mention keeping yourself safe on the road—means knowing when it’s time to schedule auto repair services. However, many people aren’t quite sure when they should bring their vehicle in for transmission repairs. They don’t know the warning signs they should be on the lookout for, so they might not head to an auto repair shop until a minor issue has turned into a major problem.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, keep these points in mind.

3 Signs an Auto Repair Expert Should Look at Your Transmission

1. Slipping

This is the most common sign of a transmission problem. When driving, you may notice the car feels like it has suddenly shifted into a new gear without warning. Sometimes, this is accompanied by a change in the way the engine sounds: For example, it may become more high pitched. If this happens, head to a car repair shop so a mechanic can take a closer look.

2. Delayed Movement

auto repairThis problem is often referred to as a “delayed engagement.” When you shift from park to drive and step on the accelerator, there will be a noticeable pause. During this time, the engine will rev, but you won’t move forward. 

3. Leaking Fluid

On a regular basis, it’s a good idea to check the spot on your driveway where you park your car and make sure there aren’t any fluid stains. Should you notice any, place cardboard beneath the vehicle the next few times you park it and inspect the cardboard for stains. If you find any, you probably have an active leak. Transmission fluid is usually bright red, though it can also be darker red or even brown. 

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