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3 of the Most Common Learning Disabilities in the Classroom March 1, 2017

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3 of the Most Common Learning Disabilities in the Classroom, Amenia, New York

The classroom can be a frustrating place for students with learning disabilities. Because of neurological differences in their brains, these students struggle with processing and retaining information—but with the right support, they can overcome classroom challenges.

At Maplebrook School, a private boarding school for students with learning differences, the teachers have experience helping students be successful both in the classroom and in life. For more than 72 years, the Maplebrook School in Amenia, New York, has been the place for students who need a different approach to learning.

Here are the three most common learning disabilities affecting students today:


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD, affects more than 6.4 million children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Common signs of the disorder include struggling to sit still, stay focused, and follow instructions. To address the inattention and hyperactivity, teachers cultivate a classroom environment with structure and clear expectations, and offer positive reinforcement.


learning disability Amenia NYDyslexia affects the brain's ability to read and understand texts. Students might struggle with letter and word recognition, reading speed and fluency, and/or understanding words and ideas. In the classroom, students with this language-based learning disability benefit from quiet areas where they can practice multisensory learning methods such as listening to books on tape and following along with the teacher’s notes.


Other students struggle with dyscalculia, a learning disability that affects a student's ability to comprehend math problems, organize numbers, and understand time. To help students with dyscalculia, teachers use colored pencils to help differentiate numbers and illustrate math skills. Teachers may also reinforce math concepts using mnemonic devices and music.

Although learning disabilities can present challenges, teachers with specialized training can help students with learning differences succeed in school. For more information about how Maplebrook School provides academic programs for students with learning differences or disorders, visit their website or call their Admissions Office at (845) 373-8191.

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