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5 Real Estate Marketing Tips From the Pros February 9, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
5 Real Estate Marketing Tips From the Pros, Manhattan, New York

In an oversaturated market, reaching the right crowd with dated real estate marketing tactics is like rubbing two sticks together to spark a fire. Whether you’re selling luxury co-op condos, homes, apartments, or townhouses, reaching the right buyer pool requires strategy, and the experts at The Tocco Group in New York, NY, strategies and competition insight to help your properties get exposure.

5 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Reach Buyers

1. Build an Online Presence

With the rate that real estate is transitioning into digital marketing, it’s imperative to build an online presence as a real estate agent. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and My Business pages for Google+ make an easy-to-access platform to host photos, videos, and more that keeps information concise and readily available for buyers. If you want to take it a step further, many social platforms offer excellent targeted marketing services, and since everyone is online these days, it can’t hurt to go the extra mile to have your ads placed at their feet.

Real estate marketing2. Don’t Slack on the Photos

In an age where people are sold more quickly on imagery than text, having high-quality, professional photography is the key to grabbing attention. It helps capture the true craftsmanship and aesthetics of a property, while also letting customers know that you’re dedicated to providing them with the best.

3. Make Yourself Accessible

People don’t want to sift through sub-sub-subpages of websites looking for a phone number or contact form. Simplicity is sometimes the best way to get noticed. Make sure to focus on the design of your website so that contact info is one click away for buyers who are ready to get in touch with you.

4. Know Your Competition

It’s a cutthroat market, so knowing what your competition is up to always helps. Find out their strengths and weaknesses, see what’s working for them and what’s not, and adjust your strategy accordingly so you can optimize your real estate marketing efforts.

5. Tell a Story

Buyers want to see themselves in their prospective home. They imagine how their furniture will fit, where their kids will play, and how they’ll relax. Create a narrative surrounding the property that buyers can relate to. Virtual and video tours can be powerful tools for getting buyers excited before an in-person showing. Taking this extra measure will make a more personal experience and leave a stronger impact while they investigate the market.

Selling takes creativity nowadays, and in the digital age where the younger generation is beginning to buy homes, it’s imperative that you take their personalities into account. The Tocco Group is glad to offer advice to ensure you get the most return from your effort, so check out their website and Facebook page to learn more about real estate marketing. Give them a call today at (212) 544-2995 and get a step ahead of the market.