Richmond, Kentucky

Voted "Best Dressed" (1976 - Doss High School - Louisville, KY) February 12, 2017

Richmond, Madison
Voted "Best Dressed" (1976 - Doss High School - Louisville, KY), Richmond, Kentucky

 After “outfitting” healthcare professionals for well over ten years and taking pride in fashion well before that, here are some absolutely great, fantastic, easy to put-into-place tips!  (Hey...This author/owner was voted “Best Dressed in her high school class – 1976 and went to nursing school too!  Does that count?!)

Here ya go!

#1  Use the basics of fashion when wearing scrubs.  Excuses like “I want to be comfortable, so I buy my scrubs a size larger”...Really?!  Plus, they’re not "stretch jeans.”  They have a bit of stretch for comfort and movement, not to fit tight like your fav jeans...After all, you're not wearing boots or heels with them to round off the look! Try switching “comfortable” to mean mentally comfortable and confident because I look and feel great!

#2   Try this before ripping off the tags:  We like to call it “UP, “DOWN, OVER AND AROUND." 

UP:  Stand up straight:  Pants too long? (that would mean touching the ground)  Can you see every belly roll? (maybe a little bit is OK!)  Are you seeing a little too much in the crotch?  (Yes, we said it!)  Is your top comfortably long enough to cover your lower abdomen and the low back and no more or no less?

Moving on…

DOWN:  Sit down and see if your pants are now above your ankles!  If they are, you do not need petites, or if you need petites while standing, choose a different style pant.  They’re not all the same!  (For example, flare pants tend to be up to 1 1/2” longer in some cases!)  Did you just feel a bit of cool air on your back?  If so, be sure your top is long enough to cover the top of your pants and then some, even while you sit (without having to constantly pull it down).  Did your top just curl up in front due to the side vents that are cut for comfort?  Again, it’s probably due to being too small or that stretch just isn’t stretching enough!  Choose a different style or look for more spandex content, or better yet, check out 100% polyester!

OVER:  Bend over and look straight ahead in a mirror or in front of someone that will “give it to you straight.”  Rarely do scrub tops show cleavage, but check to see what others are seeing when you bend over to straighten their bed or dress a central line. The cut is probably right, but if you can see down your scrub top, it’s probably just too big! 

AROUND:  While bending, turn around and look...and if you’re seeing things you don’t want to see, then probably everyone else is too.  Just fix the obvious by usually consulting with us or a good uniform provider to see what style can fix whatever ails you, but look attractive at the same time!  You HAVE to be open to new styles...That’s the bottom line (pun intended).  Stand up while you are turned around and be sure your top is covering the small of your back.  If it’s well below your bottom, it’s too long and you just took 1-2” off your already shorter height (not necessary).  If it’s an inch from your natural waist, you might want to check out a top just a little longer.  Most all scrub tops publish the center back length in their descriptions or just ask.  Find the best length for you for all your tops.

In general regarding tops:

Just because you’ve always worn a traditional V-neck top, that does not mean you should not try some of the newer cuts.  These are usually much more flattering and fun!  With all the new solid color dress codes, it’s nice to put a little fun into the design.  And in regards to flattering, we know you’re not out to impress every co-worker and physician you work with, but come on...just because you get your hands dirty from time to time does not mean you have to look frumpy.  (Think about how you feel if you go to a doctor for help and their lab coat is hanging all over him/her or they appear “frumpy.”  Are you feeling confident they care about you that day?  V-neck, plain scrubs are fine, but just consider a little change for your own fun!

In general regarding pants:

The biggest point to be made is this:  Do NOT simply keep the mind-set to only wear drawstring pants!  Just because the word “elastic” is in the description, does not mean they are traditional or high-waisted.  Not anymore!  The wider banded or even the new yoga style pants are usually the most flattering flat-front pants you’ll find, as well as being some of the most comfortable and functional.  And just because you’re over 40, do NOT shy away from something that is mid-waist!  The typical results are no bulging in the front, no sliding down in the back, and more pockets!  They make your tummy appear flatter and guess what?  The newer 100% polyester (without bottom slits/vents and cargo pockets) can be worn like a dress pant with a nice sweater or long top outside of work in most cases!

We try and give the basics of uniforms on our website, EZ Care Medical, plus you can visit these manufacturer websites and email or call us with your choices to order for you. and 859.626.8957  (There’s so we just refer you to them!) 

 Wink       Greys Anatomy       Healing Hands     Cherokee and Dickies   

Jockey                               Koi                                    White Cross

But more importantly, just ask us what we think is the best for what you want to achieve!  We LOVE to consult with clients that will tell us their body or fashion concerns.  It’s a lot more fun to us than just “selling scrubs.”  Seriously...




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