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Water Filter 101 with Rochester's Leading Purveyor of Drinking Systems February 15, 2017

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Water Filter 101 with Rochester's Leading Purveyor of Drinking Systems, Henrietta, New York

Water filters work in one of two ways — through physical or chemical filtration. The first involves forcing the liquid through a sieve that removes particles and minerals, while the second requires the water to be treated with a solution that eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. By helping you understand the science behind water filters, Anderson Water Systems in Rochester, NY, hopes to better protect your drinking water and, thus, your family’s health.

The best water filters on the market utilize both physical and chemical filtration. Check out some of the most common types used in household drinking systems:

  • Activated Carbon: In this type of water filtration system, charcoal is used to trap impurities found in your drinking water. As water travels through this material, tiny particles are caught in the crevices of the charcoal. 
  • water filterReverse Osmosis: This water filter works by forcing the liquid through a membrane with the help of pressure. By doing so, all of the contaminants are trapped in the membrane, thus leaving you with pollutant-free water.
  • Ion Exchange: If you have “hard” water in your home, an ion exchange water filter is the type of system for you. They remove limescale by splitting apart atoms and producing good ions.
  • Distillation: To remove water from not just pollutants but bacteria as well, a distillation system is needed. This works by bringing water to a boiling point and then collecting the steam, thus leaving all of the contaminants behind.

If you’re trying to improve your water quality, speak with Anderson Water Systems to get a filter that is affordable and effective for your usage. To learn about their water filters available, call them at (800) 836-2509. Visit them online for a complete listing of products and services.

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