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Water Purification Company’s Must-Know Facts on the Fluoridated Water Debate February 8, 2017

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Water Purification Company’s Must-Know Facts on the Fluoridated Water Debate, Henrietta, New York

For about seven decades, communities across America have added fluoride to their water supply to help reduce tooth decay and other dental problems. Although fluoride occurs naturally as a dissolved mineral in water, the decision to add additional fluoride has been fraught with controversy. Here, the water purification specialists at Anderson Water Systems outline the reasons for fluoridation, along with the counter-arguments that have fueled the controversy.

Why Fluoridate?

Fluoride has been shown to protect teeth from decay. Ever since American cities began adding it to the water supply, oral health issues such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss have decreased. Aside from being a boon to oral health, fluoridation has reduced medical costs for individuals and insurance companies by reducing the need for fillings, root canals, dentures, and other dental procedures.

What’s the Controversy?

Excessive fluoride exposure can cause permanent discoloration to the teeth. A Harvard meta-analysis in 2012 also showed strong evidence that high fluoride levels in the water supply caused a lowered IQ in children, due to fluoride’s neurotoxic effects. Lastly, Libertarian groups oppose fluoridation on the basis of personal choice—they believe nothing should be added to the water for a medical purpose because it should be up to each individual what they put into their own bodies.Water purification

What Should You Do?

Research the issue for yourself, and see what your dentist says. Even if you’re concerned about fluoride, there is still potential cause for alarm when it comes to excessive minerals, chlorine, bacteria, and other pollutants in your tap water. That’s why water purification and filtration systems are still a good idea for every home or business, regardless of where you stand on the fluoride debate.

If you want peace of mind regarding your water quality, call Anderson Water Systems in Rochester. They offer a variety of water filters to prevent hard water and pollutants, and with their standby generators, your filters can keep running even when your power goes out. Call them at (800) 836-2509, or visit them on Facebook to learn more about which filtration system is right for you. You can also check out their website to read FAQs on the different water purification products they offer.

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