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Pediatric Dentist Dr. Seo Explains the Importance of Biannual Teeth Cleanings February 17, 2017

Pearl City, Ewa
Pediatric Dentist Dr. Seo Explains the Importance of Biannual Teeth Cleanings, Ewa, Hawaii

Do your kids really need their teeth cleaned twice per year? The friendly professionals at Dentistry For Kids want you to know exactly why it is so important to schedule teeth cleanings for your children every six months. Proudly serving Pearl City, HI, and the surrounding areas, this esteemed children’s dentist is committed to promoting bright smiles and healthy gums. When you want high-quality dental hygiene for your children in a comfortable and welcoming environment, make this pediatric dentist your go-to for routine teeth cleanings and more.

Although many people think a yearly teeth cleaning is enough, you should actually take your kids to the dentist every six months. Dr. Seo at Dentistry For Kids explains why you should schedule teeth cleanings for your kids twice per year:

  • Remove Plaque Buildup: Even over the course of six months, bacteria have plenty of time to build up and put your children at risk for developing tooth decay and cavities. To protect your kids’ teeth, take them to the dentist two times a year for a thorough cleaning and tartar removal.
  • Pediatric DentistClean Hard-to-Reach Areas: Even the best little brushers may miss hard-to-reach spots in the mouth. Biannual cleanings at your pediatric dentist will help kids reach the more inaccessible areas of their mouths, making them less likely to experience dental issues.
  • Examine Oral Health: Oral health checkups are another great reason to book teeth cleanings for your kids twice a year. During an exam, your pediatric dentist will be able to identify any underlying problems your kids may be experiencing and offer corrective solutions.

When you need a pediatric dentist that is affordable, dependable, and will make your children feel right at home, put your trust in Dentistry For Kids in Pearl City. Give them a call at (808) 486-8881 today to speak with a hospitable customer service representative about making an appointment for a dental visit, and visit them online for more information.

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