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Tablet Repair Company Explains How to Protect Your Device February 2, 2017

Washington, Montgomery
Tablet Repair Company Explains How to Protect Your Device, Washington, Ohio

You invested a lot of money in your wireless device. Rather than allowing your smartphone or tablet to become damaged, FixAPhone Wireless in Dayton, OH, recommends using caution when handling your device. By purchasing the right size case and keeping your device away from moisture, you’ll avoid tablet repair and guarantee that you stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues, without having to replace your technology every few months.

Ways to Protect Your Device

1. Buy a Case

As technology becomes more compact and convenient, people are having a more difficult time taking care of smartphones and tablets. If you don’t already have a case for your device, go purchase one today. An appropriately sized case will protect your screen from getting scratched or cracked and also help break the fall if you happen to drop it.

2. Avoid Water

tablet repairWater and electronics do not mix. Unless you have a waterproof case that enables you to use your cell phone underwater, then you should store your mobile device in a cool, dry place that is far away from any moisture. If you want to avoid tablet repair, then leave your device in your plastic bag when it’s raining.

3. Install Updates

Steering clear of moisture and applying a quality cover will protect the exterior of your device, but you’ll also want to shield the operating system as well. Most wireless phones, tablets, and laptops all suggest downloading updates on a regular basis. Manufacturers are always fixing bugs and adding antivirus software to their devices that combat newly found spyware.

Following these tips will protect your device and help you avoid tablet repair altogether. To find out more about FixAPhone Wireless, call (937) 477-1410, or visit them online to view a complete list of products and services, ranging from Android and iPhone repair to wireless accessories sales.

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