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Public Auto Auction Vs. Car Dealer: What's the Difference? February 7, 2017

Richmond Hill, Queens
Public Auto Auction Vs. Car Dealer: What's the Difference?, Queens, New York

Are you planning to go to a public auto auction? There are numerous advantages to buying vehicles at auctions, and it is often recommended for those who want to buy pre-owned cars at a good price. Research and preparation are key if you want to bring home the right vehicle.

If you’re ready to go to a public auto auction, Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill, NY, explains some of the ways an auction differs from a car dealership:

  • Price Is Cheaper: Bids at car auctions will usually start low because the vehicles are cheaper compared to those sold at dealerships. Bidders who are lucky can even take home the best car brands and models at bargain prices. However, the vehicles do not have warranties or insurance coverage. So, you need to pay close attention to what you are buying. Ask as many questions as possible.

  • public auto auctionHuge Variety of Vehicles: The majority of auctions sell almost any type of automobile you can think of. Auction houses offer a wide selection of vehicles from dozens of manufacturers, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. They often come from financial institutions, insurance companies, and rental companies. Most of these vehicles are fairly new, but there are also vintage cars and collector’s items from time to time.

  • History Reports: Auction houses provide bidders with pre-printed history reports that allow them to check the condition of the car. It includes information about how the vehicle was maintained, used, and repaired. Before you buy anything at a public auto auction, look this report over thoroughly.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a vehicle through a traditional dealership or a public auto auction, you will find the perfect car at Queens Auto Mall. They are a licensed auction house that also offers an online inventory. They carry over 500 vehicles that can be purchased through auctions, including luxury brands like Acura, Audi, and BMW. Call them today at (718) 523-9090 to learn more about their services, or visit their website to browse their online inventory.

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