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Plastic Surgery Before & After: How Procedures Benefit You February 10, 2017

Irvingdale, Lincoln
Plastic Surgery Before & After: How Procedures Benefit You, Lincoln, Nebraska

When you view a woman’s social media photos through the lens of plastic surgery before and after, you’ll see living proof of how a procedure like a facelift, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck can enhance a woman’s body and improve her confidence.Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mitchell J Henry and the caring staff of his Lincoln, NE, practice specialize in these procedures, in addition to treatments like eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and facial implants. When Dr. Henry advises patients on the positive impacts of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, he cites the following physical and emotional benefits as reasons to consider it:

Plastic Surgery Before & After Positive Impacts

Physical Benefits 

plastic surgery before and after Lincoln NEA variety of plastic surgery procedures can help physical ailments, and undue bodily stress felt before the procedure. For instance, a breast reduction can eliminate excess weight on a woman's chest, thus relieving pain and muscle tightness in her neck and back. The skin removal procedure that often follows a breast reduction or breast lift can rejuvenate the patient's body and improve her ability to exercise, further enhancing her physique. For patients who have difficulty breathing comfortably and sleeping through the night, nose surgery often provides much-needed relief.

Mental & Emotional Benefits 

Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful. Breast augmentations, facelifts, and browlifts create a naturally refreshed look that enhances confidence and quality of life. Thigh lifts and arm lifts help women feel happier with how they look in their favorite clothes, while various facial reconstruction surgeries transform a woman's appearance and thus the way she sees herself. Regardless of the reconstructive or cosmetic surgery chosen, every operation boosts confidence and makes a woman feel like a new and improved version of herself.

A newfound sense of confidence and well-being is easier to achieve than many women think. To know an enhanced quality of life through a true plastic surgery before and after, call Dr. Mitchell J Henry in Lincoln, NE at (402) 435-0044. To explore their procedures and staff expertise, visit their website

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