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What Is a Licensed Landscape Architect? May 18, 2017

Namahana Ahupua`a, Hanalei
What Is a Licensed Landscape Architect?, Hanalei, Hawaii

A licensed landscape architect has passed a licensing exam just like engineers, lawyers, and doctors. This exam makes sure the L.A. (Landscape Architect) is familiar with current laws and building codes, which protects the owners and public alike. The licensed landscape architect must also be licensed locally for the state in which the work is to be performed.

Over the years, during school and after graduation, landscape architects have to work for several years under the guidance of another licensed professional before taking the professional exam (sometimes referred to as getting their “shingle”).

In college, the future landscape architects are taught design, construction, and plant materials, but this training—alongside other landscape architects—gives the professional both book learning and practical experiences.

As part of the Owner’s Program, the landscape architect can easily site garden art for a personalized entry.When a licensed landscape architect comes to the project, they will take note of sun and wind direction, slope of the land, and annual rainfall, as well as positive site views and poor adjacent structures and unsightly conditions.

The landscape architect will question the prospective clients as to what they want to accomplish. A true profession will also inquire as to the owners’ plant likes and dislikes. This is referred to as the Owner’s Program. 

As part of the Owner’s Program, the landscape architect can easily site garden art for a personalized entry.

Though difficult, it is worth asking the client about their budget. This rarely works for a number of reasons. If you go too high, you don’t get the job, and if you go too low, you can’t do a very good job. It’s an important question to ask so that the L.A. can design and solve problems with a budget in mind.

Once the Owner’s Program is established, the L.A. is asked to submit a design proposal to the owners. This proposal should have the names and addresses of both parties and the location and legal description of the project site.

The proposal should clearly and accurately outline all residential design services to be performed and the cost. The more detailed the proposal, the better, so everybody knows “the deal” before any work begins. This agreement is then signed and dated by both parties. Now this becomes a legal and binding contract. This agreement is completed when the owner approves the final landscape plan.


If you are looking for a licensed landscape architect to customize a beautiful tropical oasis, turn to Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. In business since 1975, the landscape company serves customers on all Hawaiian Islands. Visit the website for a full list of landscape services, and call (808) 239-8264 to schedule an appointment.

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