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How to Tell if You've Got a Good Car Insurance Quote February 9, 2017

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How to Tell if You've Got a Good Car Insurance Quote, DeRidder, Louisiana

So you've entered your information into an online tool and received a car insurance quote. But how can you tell whether the quoted price is a great deal, or whether you should keep looking? The insurance industry is highly complex, so you can never truly know whether a quote is fair without comparing it to policies from other agencies.

While online comparison tools hosted by the carriers can provide quotes from several different companies at once, they can't compare the value of those policies. To get an in-depth analysis of a car insurance quote and insight into whether it's suited to your needs, you'll be better off meeting with an independent insurance agency. Usually, these offices maintain relationships with many companies at once, so their agents have the ability to shop around and find the best auto insurance quote for you.

car insurance quoteWith their in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, a skilled agent will make sure that you're comparing similar policies. Otherwise, you could purchase a car insurance policy that is much cheaper, only to find that you have significant gaps in your coverage, have a prohibitively high deductible, or face an uphill battle when it's time to file a claim.

An insurance company's customer service is a major element of the value they provide, especially when you've experienced a disaster. When you're waiting for compensation or need your vehicle repaired, prompt attention and a fair settlement will be worth a slightly higher premium. Your insurance agent will offer insider tips and guide you toward companies with a reputation of taking care of their customers.


From their office in Deridder, LA, Lemoine Insurance Agency provides a comprehensive range of insurance services from many of the top carriers in the nation. To learn more about this leading local agency and get a free auto insurance quote, call (337) 463-4070, or visit them online and on Facebook today.

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