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3 Tips on Preventing Windshield Replacement This Winter February 9, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Tips on Preventing Windshield Replacement This Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio

Winter weather can be especially harsh on your auto glass. Sidestep the need for windshield replacement this winter by utilizing a few care tips to protect it from the elements. GlassPro, Inc. provides the Cincinnati, OH, area with meticulous auto glass repair services to help keep drivers safe. Review some of the team’s best tips for protecting your windshield from Jack Frost’s icy fingers.


Protect your vehicle from frigid temperatures by parking it in a garage where possible. If no garage is available, cover your car or truck each night to prevent coatings of ice and snow. Invest in a car blanket or a tarp designed specifically for windshield protection. Use cardboard if no other options are available when a big snowstorm is coming.

De-Icing Spray

auto glass repairApply de-icing spray to remove ice from your windshield. Never use hot or lukewarm water, as it could cause the glass to crack. Avoid using anything except a plastic ice scraper to remove ice. Sharp objects could result in injury as well as damage to the windshield. The auto glass repair experts also recommend keeping your windshield clean during winter to make the scraping process easier.

Cracks & Chips

As soon as you notice windshield cracks or chips, get windshield repair or replacement to avoid further damage from the cold temperatures. Vehicle frames flex at different rates than their windshields and windows during cold weather, which creates additional stress. If not fixed promptly, it can turn little cracks into huge problems.

For more on windshield replacement and other auto glass services available through GlassPro, Inc., call (513) 874-6559 or visit the website today. Like the mobile glass repair pros on Facebook for more expert tips. If windshield repair or replacement is due to a vehicle accident, remember—you have the right to select the glass company of your choice (not your insurance company)!

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