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Filing for Divorce? Follow These 3 Steps First February 7, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan
Filing for Divorce? Follow These 3 Steps First, Manhattan, New York

Filing for divorce is a complex, intimidating process, requiring you to submit a long list of documents, petitions, and forms. Fortunately, some advance preparation can make the experience much more manageable, especially if you plan on filing your petition yourself. Starting early and taking it one step at a time can keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Filing for Divorce? Follow These 3 Steps First

1. Collect Your Financial Records

Whether you're filing a contested or uncontested divorce, you'll need a clear understanding of your financial situation, including all of your marital debts and assets. Collect all of your financial documents, including bank statements, credit card bills, income tax returns, and receipts for major purchases. If your spouse is not yet aware of your plans to file for divorce, you may want to collect this information discreetly so they don't try to keep assets from you after you file.

2. Start Saving Money

filing for divorceDivorce attorneys are expensive, but even if you plan to file for divorce yourself, you'll still need to pay filing fees and maybe even court costs. In New York, an uncontested divorce costs at least $335, without accounting for photocopies, transportation, process server fees, and any other expenses. These funds can also serve as the beginning of your new life, so save as much as you can.

3. Prepare Your Documents

Knowing what to file and where is an essential part of filing for divorce, but the instructions that come along with most court forms are often unclear. It may help to seek the advice of a skilled legal document preparation service who will ensure that your forms are filled out correctly, preventing the kind of simple mistakes that can lead to unnecessary delays.

For over 25 years, We The People of NY has been the most trusted provider of legal document preparation services in the city. Not only will they ensure that your forms are accurate and complete, but they'll walk you through the process so you can proceed with confidence. Visit their website to learn more about their services, call (212) 633-2200, or visit their storefront at 233 W 14th ST. today.

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