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Essential Uses For Concrete Blocks February 2, 2017

Windham, Windham
Essential Uses For Concrete Blocks, Windham, Connecticut

When picking materials for your construction project, it can be helpful to understand the properties of your various options. That’s why the concrete blocks experts at Builder’s Concrete East in a Windham, CT, have put together a handy guide to the benefits and characteristics of concrete blocks.

Ways to Use Concrete Blocks

Foundation Walls

concrete blocksConcrete is lightweight and affordable and handles compression well. This makes concrete blocks a perfect material for your foundation walls. They’re also fireproof and easy to install, making your foundation both durable and simple to implement.

Partition Walls

Concrete blocks make an excellent choice for partition walls because they have efficient insulation. You can even coat them with special primers to completely seal them from water and make them more receptive to paints and other finishes. Plus, they’re fireproof, giving them an advantage over wood and drywall.

Exterior Walls

If you’re building exterior walls, concrete blocks may be worth getting. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, concrete blocks can be molded or finished to look like any stone material, giving you the ability to achieve the look you want for your building. You can also treat the concrete blocks with sealants and repellents to increase the durability of the exterior of your building.

These aren’t the only appropriate applications for concrete blocks. They’re a truly versatile building material with a variety of uses. To make the most of concrete blocks, it’s best to speak with an expert. If you have questions about your specific construction project, call Builder’s Concrete East, in Windham, at (860) 456-4111, and they’ll be happy to help. Visit their website for more information about their concrete services and products.

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