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Wellness Coaching Advice: 5 Deck Exercises for Keeping Fit at Work February 2, 2017

Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, Honolulu
Wellness Coaching Advice: 5 Deck Exercises for Keeping Fit at Work, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sitting for long periods of time is increasingly referred to as “the new smoking.” Spending day after day in a chair contributes to a variety of health problems, including misaligned hips, back and neck issues, increased cancer risk, organ damage, and muscle degeneration. If you sit at a desk all day, use the following advice from the wellness coaching team at IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health in Honolulu, HI.

These trusted orthopedic doctors recommend the following exercises to patients who work desk jobs:

Lower Back Exercise

Prevent a sore lower back from excessive slouching with this simple stretch. Put your hands on your lower back with the palms down. Point your fingers down as you lean back. Keep your elbows pointing straight back as you push your breastbone up. Hold the position for 15 seconds, then release. Repeat the stretch two more times to reduce lower back tension.

Glute Workout

As you enter data or update your company’s social media page, squeeze your isometric glute muscles (buttocks) and hold the position for 10–15 seconds. Release and repeat until your muscles feel fatigued.

Wooden Leg Exercise

wellness coachingMaintain lower body strength with this exercise. Extend one of your legs out in front of you and hold it for two seconds. Raise your leg as high as possible and hold the position for another two seconds. Repeat with your other leg. Aim for 15 reps each to get the most from this exercise.

Fist Pump

Work your arms with this fun, simple movement. Clench your fists and punch them through the air as though you were at your favorite concert. Perform the exercise for at least one minute, alternating your arms as you go.

Abdominal Crunch

Battle waistline bulge with these “desk crunches.” Sit on the edge of your seat as you lean back from your waist, keeping your back straight. Grip your seat with both hands and lift your legs up. Then, tighten your ab muscles while keeping your knees bent. Straighten your legs as you hold your heels a few inches from the floor. Repeat this tightening and straightening exercise 10 times.

Review these and other desk activities with the orthopedic doctors at IMUA Orthopedics, Sports, & Health. The wellness coaching center remains a celebrated source in Oahu for nutritional counseling, sports medicine, and osteopathic manipulative treatment. To schedule a wellness coaching session, contact IMUA Orthopedics, Sports, & Health today at (808) 521-8170. You can also visit the website for more healthy living tips.

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