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Does Kentucky’s No-Fault Insurance Cover Collision Repairs? January 26, 2017

Covington Central Business District, Covington
Does Kentucky’s No-Fault Insurance Cover Collision Repairs?, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you need frame straightening or bumper repairs after an auto accident, figuring out how to pay for these essential fixes can be an unpleasant experience. Crone’s Auto Body aims to provide affordable collision repairs in Covington, KY, to help manage these expenses. However, this trusted auto body shop says your insurance will play a big role in paying for your car’s recovery.

Since Kentucky is one of the few states that follows a no-fault insurance system, motorists often have many questions about how this affects their coverage after an auto accident. To help clear up some of the confusion, Crone’s Auto Body answers a few questions about no-fault insurance and whether it will help with your collision repair needs.

4 Common No-Fault Insurance & Collision Repair Questions

1. How Is No-Fault Insurance Different From a Traditional Auto Insurance Policy?

Despite the name, no-fault insurance does not mean the other party wasn’t at fault or that you aren’t at fault in an auto accident. It simply means that to get funds from your insurance company, you don’t have to prove who was responsible. Traditional auto policies, known as fault insurance, cover damage through the at-fault party’s insurance.

2. Is No-Fault Insurance Required in Kentucky?

Unlike some no-fault states, Kentucky does not require you to have no-fault insurance. If you prefer to opt out, you can just get traditional insurance coverage.

3. Does Kentucky’s No-Fault Insurance Cover Collision Repairs?

collision repairsNo. No-fault insurance in Kentucky only offers personal injury protection. This means your insurance is only required to cover medical expenses and lost wages due to an auto accident. To cover collision repair costs, you’ll have to refer to other portions of your policy or that of the at-fault party.

4. How Does Auto Insurance Cover Collision Repairs?

If you were responsible for the damage caused to your car, your insurance will typically only cover collision repairs if you have the right coverage. While this coverage is often required if you are leasing a vehicle or making car payments, those who fully own their car aren’t required to have it. If another party caused the vehicle damage, you may be able to process the claim through their insurance.

5. Can My Kentucky Auto Insurance Policy Tell Me Where to Get Collision Repairs?

Although many insurance providers can provide recommendations as to where you can get collision repairs, it is ultimately your right to choose the auto body shop where the work is done.

If you are covering collision repairs through your policy or that of another party, Crone’s Auto Body will work with the insurance company to accurately report damage and detail repair needs. To schedule service with Covington’s best auto repair shop, call the team at (859) 356-1800. And if you still have questions about collision repairs, check out their FAQ section online.

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