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Pet Dental Health Month: 5 Reasons Pet Care Pros Recommend Oral Hygiene February 2, 2017

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Pet Dental Health Month: 5 Reasons Pet Care Pros Recommend Oral Hygiene, Waynesboro, Virginia

Comprehensive pet care is not complete without ensuring your four-legged companion’s dental health. According to the experienced team at Woodworth Animal Hospital, optimum oral hygiene promotes your pet’s wellness in more ways than one, and there’s no better time to start caring for your best friend’s teeth than now, since February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Here, they discuss a few reasons why dental hygiene is an integral part of pet care.

Top 5 Reasons Pet Care Experts Emphasize Optimum Dental Health

1. Oral Disease Prevention

Maintaining proper oral hygiene contains gum disease at its onset and prevents it from spreading further. For the best results, Woodworth Animal Hospital advises pet parents to brush their pets’ teeth regularly on top of scheduling routine dental checkups.

2. Strong Teeth

Pet CareInadequate dental hygiene leads to oral infections, which can eventually result in permanent tooth loss. Help your beloved animal keep their pearly whites intact by following the detailed oral health recommendations from Waynesboro’s leading veterinarians.

3. Long-Term Health

In some cases, deep-rooted oral infections surpass the jawbone and enter your pet’s bloodstream, severely impacting their vital organs. Pet care experts emphasize dental hygiene to safeguard your furry friends from these potentially fatal diseases.

4. Oral Discomfort Prevention

Painful and swollen gums not only affect your pet’s appetite, but they can also make them increasingly restless. Following a well-laid-out dental health regimen will spare them the distress of experiencing severe oral discomfort from periodontal disease.

5. Fresh Breath

Much like humans, pets can also develop bad breath due to lack of proper oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings by a trained animal health care specialist will rid your pet’s mouth of harmful bacteria and eliminate mouth odors.

Turn to the reliable pet care professionals at Woodworth Animal Hospital and see for yourself how they ensure long-lasting oral health for their animal patients. Set up an appointment with them by calling (540) 942-5163, and visit the practice’s website for further details about their services. Stay informed about the clinic’s latest events and pet health recommendations by liking their official Facebook page.

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