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5 Common Check Engine Light Repairs February 8, 2017

North Madison, Lake
5 Common Check Engine Light Repairs, North Madison, Ohio

The check engine light was designed to be helpful, but for many drivers it can be very frustrating. You know that something is wrong, but just how bad it is it? Madison Muffler and Auto provides check engine light repairs at their Madison, OH auto repair shop, and they see many recurring problems. If your light has come on, schedule a professional diagnostic to find out what it’s indicating:

  • Broken Gas Cap: It may seem a little silly, but at least a broken gas cap is cheap to replace. Loose gas caps will cause fuel vapor to escape, leading to decreased gas efficiency. If no other problems are present, see if replacing your gas cap solves your check engine light issue.

  • check engine light repairFaulty Spark Plugs: You’ll notice more than just an illuminated check engine light if this is the issue. Misaligned or faulty spark plugs will cause acceleration to be jerkier than usual. To avoid more expensive check engine light repairs, stop by Madison Muffler and Auto as soon as possible if you’re having this issue.

  • Failing Mass Airflow Sensor: If your vehicle stalls often or is losing gas efficiency, you may need a replacement air filter (these should be replaced annually). Mass airflow sensors often fail simply because the current filter is clogged or improperly installed.

  • Failing Oxygen Sensor: Without a working oxygen sensor, your engine will burn through fuel a lot faster, and even lead to spark plug or catalytic converter failure. Oxygen sensors are inexpensive to replace—and are a far more affordable repair than replacing your catalytic converter.

  • Catalytic Converter Failure: This expensive check engine light repair isn’t incredibly common, but you’ll recognize it if your mileage has been decreasing and it’s difficult to accelerate significantly. It’s more likely that you’ll experience the above problems first—but if you don’t repair them in time, your catalytic converter could be next.

If you need an auto repair shop to handle your check engine light repairs, give Madison Muffler and Auto a call at (440) 428-2677 for a quote. They’re located in Madison, OH and provide a variety of services, including tune-ups, oil changes, and transmission work. For more information, visit them online.