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3 Reasons You Should Plan Ahead for Your Funeral February 1, 2017

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
3 Reasons You Should Plan Ahead for Your Funeral, Cincinnati, Ohio

Preplanning your funeral is a matter of taking the time to carefully consider each detail of the service as to alleviate some of the pressure that may fall on your loved ones. While it may not seem like the most uplifting way to spend a few hours, there are some benefits to planning ahead that are well worth the time. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that your end-of-life plans have been set in place, but you’ll be free to spend more time doing what’s important—spending time with family and friends. Renfro Funeral Services has been assisting Cincinnati, OH, families for over 90 years in funeral planning, offering sympathetic, knowledgeable assistance when it’s needed the most. 

Here’s why you should consider planning ahead for your funeral:

  • Take the Reigns: One aspect of funeral planning that many of us have a hard time understanding is who should be in control of making plans? By thinking ahead and planning your own funeral, you can be sure that the service is laid out exactly how you would like it. From flower arrangements to a guest list and even payment options, preplanning your funeral is a good way to take control and let go of any anxiety you or your family may have surrounding the event. 
  • funeralPay Ahead: When it comes to planning a funeral, it’s not uncommon to gloss over the financial aspects of the service. By planning your own funeral ahead of time, you can get those details squared away. Many choose to pay ahead of time to save your family some time and money while others simply organize the information so that it is easier on their loved ones to sort out later on. Either way, you’ll be saving time and hassle in the long run. 
  • Relieve Family Members: Grieving the loss of a loved one usually leaves families shaken and distressed, without the energy or desire to tend to event planning. By working with an experienced funeral home ahead of time to spell out all of your exact preferences, you can take some of the weight off of your family in the future. 

If you’re a resident of Cincinnati, OH, consider working with the folks at Renfro Funeral Services to help preplan your funeral. With a deep understanding of how to put together a beautifully unique service for each client, this team of friendly experts can help your family during the most difficult times. Visit them online, or give them a call today at (513) 221-4812.

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