Boyle Heights, California
2310 Whittier Blvd
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Vees Cafe in Boyle Heights is frequented by locals and visitors alike for their delicious omelettes, paninis, and more. They also have awesome handcrafted teas and coffee.

Why Breakfast Is an Important Way to Start Your Day February 7, 2017

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
Why Breakfast Is an Important Way to Start Your Day, Los Angeles, California

There’s no better way to start your day than by eating a good breakfast. If you’re not a morning meal person yet, the delicious breakfast options and cold pressed juices at Vees Café in Los Angeles, CA, will make you a believer. This cute café has everything from organic coffee to scrumptious omelets—read on to find out why you should be stocking up on breakfast at Vees Café.

Kickstart Your Metabolism

When we sleep, our bodies take a break from their normal metabolic processes. However, the first time we eat in the morning, our bodies initiate thermogenesis—the process of metabolizing food. The sooner you ingest a healthy meal in the morning, the quicker your body will be able to start burning calories and going about its business. Kick off your day with breakfast at Vees Café for a meal that’s filling and nutritious. image

Improve Concentration

If our stomach is full, our brain is more able to focus on the tasks at hand. This means going to work on an empty stomach can make it more difficult to focus on important deadlines and meetings. Keep your body and brain happy by fueling up on organic juices and egg dishes at Vees Café. In a rush? Order something from the salad shop to-go and you’ll be set for lunch, too.

Reduce Overeating

breakfastSometimes it can feel like bypassing meals will mean we’ll ingest fewer calories throughout the day. However, it’s likelier that by skipping meals in the morning, we’ll overeat later in the day. Eating smaller portion sizes more regularly can reduce the risk of overeating and will leave you feeling great.

Keep Energy Levels High

Your body works best when it’s properly fueled. Enjoy increased energy levels, more physical strength and endurance, and sunnier moods after eating breakfast regularly. This increase in energy will likely lead to increased productivity—and who doesn’t want to feel more productive throughout their day?

Vees Café is a delicious, healthy restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch options. Check out their website to scan their menus, or call them at (323) 931-8337 (West Adams), (323) 936-8337 (Miracle Mile) or (323)264-8337 (Boyle Heights).

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