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Kitchen Design Tips: What Does Your Backsplash Choice Say About You? February 2, 2017

Middletown, Monmouth County
Kitchen Design Tips: What Does Your Backsplash Choice Say About You?, Middletown, New Jersey

During bathroom and kitchen design projects, many homeowners focus on the backsplash to add visual interest to the room. The backsplash you choose sends a message about both your personality and your home itself. Are you a traditionalist or someone who’s into new-age elegance? With home remodeling projects, every detail counts!

4 Popular Kitchen Design Trends for Backsplashes


If you choose a classic tone for your backsplash, such as an elegant neutral-colored tile or wooden panel, it sends a welcoming message. These common choices show you take pride in your home and its traditions, and you’re likely a family person. If your kitchen design is more classic, it shows that you value old-fashioned charm for both yourself and your guests. 

Kitchen DesignEclectic Design 

An increasingly popular choice amongst younger homeowners and the creative crowd, a kitchen or bathroom design filled with artsy, eclectic elements will draw the eye deeper into the room. It shows off your personality as a funky, free-spirited individual, and it shares that same message about the home itself.

Bright & Colorful 

This welcoming choice is ideal for any bathroom or kitchen design project, and it immediately creates a positive atmosphere. Today, more homeowners experiment with unique colors at every end of the spectrum. Using your favorite color as a backsplash shows off your unique personality, plays off your décor, and lends an innovative flavor to your home.

White Subway Tile 

Another more traditional backsplash approach, white subway tiles look clean and simple. It’s a common choice for a reason—you’ll feel right at home cooking a healthy meal if you’re surrounded by gleaming tile. If you’re looking for a kitchen design that’s polished yet safe, white subway tiles are the ideal feature that won’t ever go out of style.

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