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Love Citrus? 5 Great Reasons to Eat an Organic Orange Every Day February 10, 2017

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Love Citrus? 5 Great Reasons to Eat an Organic Orange Every Day, Byron, Wisconsin

Oranges are a terrific, healthy treat for many people. Not only are they appetizing, but they also offer a host of health benefits other fresh fruit simply can’t compete with. As experts on local, organic foods, the staff at Tomah, WI’s Cranberry Country Market is here to share a few reasons to grab that orange every single day.

5 Great Reasons to Eat an Organic Orange a Day

1. They Boost Your Immune System

With 100% vitamin C in a single orange, just one piece covers your entire daily needs for the vitamin. This helps boost your immune system and prevent disease.

2. They Prevent Cancer

Fresh fruit — and oranges specifically — do more for your health than you realize. The D-limonene compound found in oranges and other citrus fruits prevents lung, breast, and skin cancers, while the antioxidant levels help fight dangerous, cancer-causing cells. Eating an organic orange every day can do a lot to keep your health intact.

3. They Help Prevent Heart Disease

organicClogged arteries are a leading cause of heart disease, but oranges contain flavonoids that reduce cholesterol and keep arteries from getting blocked. This also helps in the prevention of other cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack.

4. They’re Great for Your Eyes

Eyes naturally weaken as you grow older, but a well-balanced diet is an excellent way to prevent this. Your local grocery store will have a variety of organic, healthy options, but oranges specifically are rich in vitamins A, C, and potassium, which boost eye health no matter what your age.

5. They’re Great for Your Skin

Skin is bound to experience some damage over time, but just like the vitamins and antioxidants in oranges aid your eyes and heart, they also help your skin, slowing down the process of aging and resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion.

If you want to start on the path toward good health, Tomah’s favorite local grocery store has all of the organic local foods your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Visit them online for more information, or call (608) 374-4944 to speak with a friendly staff member today. You can also connect to Cranberry Country Market on Facebook.

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