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3 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Replacements February 3, 2017

Lordship, Stratford
3 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Replacements, Stratford, Connecticut

Maintaining a house isn’t easy, but managing the costs of energy consumption and utilities is a burden in and of itself. By installing upgrades and making modifications for the sake of energy efficiency, you can lower your bills and lessen your carbon footprint. One of the surest ways to slash utility costs is by investing in window replacements.

Well-insulated windows preserve your desired indoor air temperature, resulting in a considerable amount of energy savings. To achieve this, you need the expertise of a licensed and insured contractor from Fairfield County Exteriors in Stratford, CT.

Here, their trusted experts explain how window replacements can improve your home’s energy efficiency:

  • Prevent Air Leaks: Depending on the season, cool or warm air can leak out through old, drafty windows that no longer provide a proper seal. If you notice concentrations of cold or hot air near your windows, consider this a clear indication that your windows are failing. Having them replaced with brand-new, airtight models will prevent leaks, allowing you to run your air conditioner or furnace at a lower setting. In turn, this will cut down on your household use of electricity or fuel.
  • Decrease Condensation: Water that seeps into your home after a rainstorm or condensation that forms from the buildup of snow can quickly alter your indoor air temperature. However, if you invest in energy-efficient window replacements, your warm air will stay warmer for longer—cutting energy costs and undue stress on your heating system.
  • window replacementsLet in Natural Light: Aside from providing added insulation, energy-efficient windows allow more natural light to infiltrate your home. When you no longer need to turn on your lights during the daytime, you’ll see a drastic drop in your electricity bill.

For energy-efficient window replacements and other rewarding services—including roof repair and gutter installations—contact Fairfield County Exteriors at (203) 375-9700. You can also get a free estimate by filling out the form on their website.