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4 Winter Foot Care Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy & Protected January 31, 2017

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4 Winter Foot Care Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy & Protected, Blue Ash, Ohio

When you’re dealing with the winter weather, foot care isn’t usually what’s on your mind. You have to remember, though, that if there’s one part of your body that is consistently exposed to the cold and snow, it’s your feet. According to Foot & Ankle Specialists, a leading podiatry services provider in the Cincinnati area, you have to take certain measures to ensure proper foot care during the cold season.

Here are some useful tips you can use to care for your feet:

  • Shorten Your Stride: If you plan on doing some running during the winter, there are several precautions you should take. Wear clothing and accessories that can protect your body from the cold, and pay attention to your movements when running. Your strides, for example, should be shorter during the winter to maintain the proper balance on slippery surfaces.

  • foot careUse a Foot Powder: While wearing waterproof boots is advisable, they can also leave your feet sweaty most of the time, which could lead to infections. Use a foot powder to counteract this problem. Not only will it prevent your feet from smelling, but some also have antibacterial ingredients that help keep your feet clean. 

  • Choose the Right Shoe Size: Pick the right size when buying winter footwear. When you get boots that are too small or too big, they can result in blistering and chafing, which could also cause foot infections.

  • Don’t Use Summer Footwear: It’s vital to skip the summer footwear when you’re heading outside during the winter. Wearing summer shoes, especially when you’re trudging through the snow, can expose your feet to extreme cold, resulting in frostbite.

These are just some of the foot care tips you can use during the winter to keep your feet healthy. If you’re still experiencing foot pain despite taking these measures, you should call Foot & Ankle Specialists at (513) 769-4408. You can also visit their website to learn more.

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