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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean & Looking Beautiful January 31, 2017

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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean & Looking Beautiful, Wonewoc, Wisconsin

Apart from their beauty and durability, hardwood floors are often sought out by homeowners because they are so low maintenance compared to other types of flooring. However, according to Knutson Hardwood Floors in Wonewoc, WI, there are a few upkeep tasks you need to complete to ensure your floors stay beautiful for years. 

If they haven’t already been coated, schedule periodic wax sealing for your hardwood floors. This helps protect the floor from wear, defends against stains, and helps the wood keep its lustrous appearance. If the wax begins to dull, try buffing it out before applying more—too many coats can lead to an unattractive buildup.

Apart from long-lasting protection, however, you’ll need to engage in more routine cleaning to keep your floors beautiful. For example, you should get in the habit of sweeping or using a microfiber dry dust mop every day to remove dust and debris. If you have time, use a vacuum that is safe for hardwood floors for a deeper clean.

hardwood floorsIt’s important to never use wet mops or steam, as the moisture can result in catastrophic damage to the wood. And if you do spill something, wipe it up as soon as possible with nothing more than a slightly damp cloth.

Every month, give your hardwood floors a pick-me-up by using wood floor cleaning products that are approved by the flooring manufacturer. These are specially designed formulas that will not damage the floor, so be careful to not mix them up with any other floor cleaner, such as those used for tile.

Apart from cleaning and routine care, there are a few other ways to protect your hardwood floors from unnecessary damage. For instance, make sure your pet’s nails remain trimmed, and enforce a no-shoes policy to prevent indentations or scratches. You should also use felt protector pads on your furniture.

While these general tips will help you maintain your hardwood floors, you’ll also need to schedule floor refinishing every 10 years or so. If you need floor sanding or refinishing in Wonewoc, call Knutson Hardwood Floors at (608) 553-0215 or visit them online to schedule reliable service at competitive rates.

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