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5 Essential Winter Auto Care Tips February 1, 2017

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5 Essential Winter Auto Care Tips, Wilson, Wyoming

Did you know automobiles may require different maintenance during the cold weather? The winter months bring not only the challenge of occasionally slippery surfaces, but also temperatures that can affect the function of some of a car’s most important systems. By taking the proper auto care precautions, savvy drivers can keep their cars operating smoothly even in the coldest weather.

Rabbit Row Repair of Wilson, Wyoming, has been one of the Jackson Hole area’s most trusted auto care centers since 1974. They’ve helped their customers keep their tires, batteries, and engines running smoothly through more than forty harsh Wyoming winters. Below, they offer a few helpful winter auto care suggestions.

5 Essential Winter Auto Care Tips

1. Check Your Tire Tread

While drivers should always make sure the tread on their tires is at the appropriate level, traction is especially important during the winter, when the weather frequently results in slippery, hazardous roads. Residents in colder climates may want to consider studded tires to ensure traction, but even those who eschew special tires should make sure theirs have the appropriate tread.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure

Auto careIt’s also important to monitor your tire pressure during the winter, as the falling temperatures reduce the volume taken up by the air inside. Neglecting to keep your tires properly inflated can result in reduced gas mileage and premature tread wear.

3. Control Your Climate

You may not notice a shortfall in your climate control system during the pleasant fall months, but keeping your heat and defroster in good shape is crucial for safe winter driving. For older cars especially, it may be worth having a trusted mechanic give your climate control system a once-over during the fall to ensure it will keep your windshield clear through the winter.

4. Keep Your Lights Bright

Winter’s shorter days mean most people do much of their day-to-day driving in the dark, so it is especially important to make sure your headlights and taillights are properly maintained. The first step is to ensure all bulbs work properly, but it may also be worthwhile to have an auto care specialist replace the light fixtures on an older car if you’re not getting enough light.

5. Check Your Battery

Cold temperatures can also suddenly kill a weakened battery. If your battery hasn’t been recently replaced, it is wise to have an auto care center check your battery’s health before the winter sets in to prevent you from being stranded in the cold.

Because you need to count on your car during the winter, have an auto care specialist give your vehicle a thorough check and tuneup in the late fall. If you live in the Jackson Hole area, you can trust the professional mechanics at Rabbit Row Repair to handle any auto care task, from an oil change to a full tuneup. Visit their website to find out more, or call (307) 773-4331 today to make an appointment.

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