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Used Car Dealership Shares 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Ride January 30, 2017

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Used Car Dealership Shares 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Ride, Stamford, Connecticut

Letting go of a car—even it isn’t a practical vehicle—is a tough decision to make. But when you have affordable replacement options from a trusted used car dealership like Harbor View Auto Sales, making the switch can be a little easier.

Whether you’ve been using it for your daily commute or it’s just been taking up space in your garage, this Stamford used cars specialist of highlights a few signs it’s time to trade up.

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car With a Newer Model

1. Auto Repair Is Frequent

The occasional tune-up is to be expected with any car. But if you realize that you’re taking your ride to a car repair shop more frequently than usual, it’s time to consider something less maintenance-heavy.

2. Big Spaces Are No Longer Beneficial

Minivans and SUVs are attractive purchases when you need to carry kids and equipment from place to place. But when your family gets older, you may not need as many spaces. Consider trading in for something a little more size-savvy.

used car dealership3. Gas Is Gutting Your Wallet

Up until about 2005, average fuel-efficiency among both cars and trucks remained steady. But in recent years, cost and environmental concerns have sped up how automakers prioritize fuel economy. If you find that your old car burned through fuel fast, a newer model from a used car dealership could be a good fit. Plus, your next vehicle will likely produce fewer emissions than the last.   

4. Safety Is Slipping

These days, airbags and seat belts aren’t the only safety features to look for in cars. In the past 15 years, safety testing has dramatically improved, allowing manufacturers to pinpoint areas that can improve on-road safety. Enhancements in steel production have also contributed to the rise in vehicle safety.

5. Tech Is Trailing Behind

It may seem unnecessary, but once you experience the joys of having a vehicle with connectivity capabilities, you’ll never want to turn back. When you invest in a newer car, you won’t just be gaining a potentially safer, less expensive, and more reliable ride—you’ll also be getting a set of advanced features that may include satellite radio, a rear-view backup camera, and Bluetooth phone connection.

Finding a better car than what you currently have doesn’t mean you have to throw all your cash into a completely new model. Offering a variety of modern makes and models, Harbor View Auto Sales has plenty of used cars to choose from that can upgrade your driving experience—without breaking the bank. Explore their inventory online or call (203) 588-2307 to schedule a test drive at the used car dealership.

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