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3 Green Energy Initiatives in Connecticut Are Changing Small Business January 31, 2017

The Hollow, Bridgeport
3 Green Energy Initiatives in Connecticut Are Changing Small Business, Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council, offering business networking solutions to the Bridgeport, CT area's small business community, is pleased to share some of the state's success stories in the field of green energy. From solar power to anaerobic digestion, businesses statewide are harnessing renewable energy technology to benefit their bottom line, the health of the planet, and energy consumers throughout Connecticut.

3 Outstanding Green Initiatives In Connecticut

Meriden Solar Array

In 2016, the Meriden Enterprise Center in Meriden, CT, completed a large-scale green energy project with the launch of its 215 kW photovoltaic solar array, estimated to generate 250,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. In addition to the solar power array, the project also includes the installation of energy-efficient windows and other upgrades. Projects like this are cost-effective over the long term, make expense planning easier, and are an excellent model for future large or small business renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy in ConnecticutCEFIA's Anaerobic Digestion Projects

Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) helps large and small businesses that generate quantities of organic matter and consume a significant amount of power invest in anaerobic digestion technology to harness clean energy. The process feeds organic matter to beneficial microorganisms, which consume the waste and simultaneously generate renewable energy in the form of heat. Businesses can apply to participate in the pilot program; yours might be eligible for a loan, a grant, or power offset

Hartford Green Capitols Project

The Hartford Green Capitols Project uses green techniques to minimize the amount of stormwater runoff occurring in urban areas with acres of hardscape and little greenspace. When rain falls and water flows over the pavement and into storm drains, it picks up debris and pollutants that end up in local rivers and lakes. Using "pervious" pavement (porous asphalt that allows water to seep through it), green roofs, rain gardens, and rainwater harvesting, Hartford hopes to divert much of the runoff away from storm drains and minimize the pollution of local waterways.

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council specializes in helping small business owners plan to advertise and develop effective networking solutions, and they work hard to develop an economic environment that promoting growth and prosperity. Visit their website to join their business community, or call (203) 335-3800 to learn about future networking events.

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