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How to Protect the Corners of Your Furniture February 2, 2017

Thomasville, Davidson
How to Protect the Corners of Your Furniture , Thomasville, North Carolina

If you want your furniture to last for many years, you need to protect it. This means regular cleaning for upholstered items and polishing for wooden décor. The corners of furniture pieces are usually prone to wearing out before other areas because they often collide with walls and brush against people’s legs, pets, and the upholstery of other furniture.

There are ways to keep your beloved furniture in excellent condition for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting Furniture Corners

1. I Spent a Lot on My New Furniture. What’s an Affordable Option for Protection?

Rubber corner protectors are a low-cost solution. These can be purchased for under $20 at furniture shops, department stores, and online retailers. Despite the low cost, rubber corner guards come in a variety of sizes and colors so they won’t stand out when placed on furniture.

2. I’ll Be Hosting Visitors With Young Children. What’s a Temporary Way To Protect Them From the Glass Table in My Living Room?

upholsteryGo to the dollar store, purchase some pool noodles, and place them along the edges of the table. These long foam rolls don’t look particularly chic, but they’ll protect both your table from damage and the child from getting seriously injured. Simply take them off when the children head home, and your table will be restored to its original grandeur.

3. What Are the Best Ways to Protect the Fabric on the Corners of My Sofa?

Fabric will fray when it’s faced with constant friction. Place the sofa as far away from walls and entryways as possible, allowing maximum walking space. This will reduce the number of times people rub against the fabric before sitting down. Discourage your pets from scratching the furniture, keep food and drinks in the kitchen, and use pillows while lying on the sofa. The best way to preserve your upholstered couch is by using a sofa cover. Today’s sofa covers are more fashionable than ever.

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