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Enjoy Your Next Vacation With a Gorgeous Hat From New York’s Favorite Hat Shop October 7, 2014

SoHo, Manhattan
Enjoy Your Next Vacation With a Gorgeous Hat From New York’s Favorite Hat Shop, Manhattan, New York

The Farmer's Almanac has predicted this winter will be cold... as in "Polar Vortex" cold so you may consider a trip south of the equator in the coming months.  Vacations to exotic, sunny  locations require a fashionable sun protection hat. SoHo-based The Hat Shop has been providing women and men with flattering millinery since 1995. Linda Pagan, founder of the Hat Shop, believes that the key is to find a hat that "makes you feel comfortable and confident.”

Here, she provides five tips on picking the perfect hat for the sun:

  1. The brim of your sun hat should span at least 4 inches though petite women may want to start with a 3-inch brim.
  2. Avoid wearing fabric and lacquered straw hats in the heat.
  3. A hat with an exaggerated wide brim should have wire in it to keep the brim from drooping in your face. You want to be able to see and to be seen!
  4. Match the hat's crown to your cheekbones. Tall hats work well with pointy faces and squarish ones suit round faces.
  5. Avoid hats with stingy brims, such as pork pies and baseball caps, they don't provide sun protection and are hot as they fit close to  the head.

If you have any questions regarding what hat style and fit would work best for you, the wonderful staff at The Hat Shop is happy to help. They pride themselves on having extensive hat knowledge and offer excellent customer service and guidance.

Now about that sunny vacation, you simply must include "The Nomad" in your suitcase. It is the ultimate travel hat and even has it's own section devoted to it on the website. View it's versatility by going to

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