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Dog Grooming 101: How Often Should My Dog Bathe? January 30, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Dog Grooming 101: How Often Should My Dog Bathe? , Manhattan, New York

Knowing how often to wash and brush your dog is dog grooming 101 for new pet owners. It’s obvious that your dog needs a bath after a day of hiking and puddle jumping, but what about the less obvious times. Does a dog need to bathe daily? Weekly? Should owners be regularly brushing their dogs or is that simply a pet fashion preference that need not be adhered to. Pet Fashion and Grooming in of New York City reviews the basics of washing and brushing for pet owners.

Factors For Determining How Often a Dog Needs a Bath:

As humans, we’ve grown accustomed to the social norm of daily bathing. But, when it comes to pet care, many pet owners find themselves wondering if the same general rules apply to our four-legged friends. The most basic answer, according to most animal clinic technicians, is most dogs should be bathed and brushed weekly.

  1. Dog GroomingTopical Flea & Tick Treatments: Dogs receiving weekly topical treatments should NOT bathe more than once a week to avoid risking deterioration in the effectiveness of these pet supplies. Dogs receiving less frequent topical treatments are welcome to bathe as often as owners see fit.
  2. Odors & Breeds: The next factor to consider is the smell factor. Some breeds tend to produce an odor faster than others and these dogs might require nightly or twice a week baths while owners of breeds with minimal odor can get away with a weekly bath.
  3. Skin & Fur Inspection Habits: Lastly, what are the owner’s inspection habits for the dog’s skin and fur? A bath is more than a chance to clean a dog. It’s a chance for an owner to brush through the fur, examine the skin for changes in appearance or texture and notice any new rashes or masses. Owners that regularly brush their dog outside of bath time need not bathe their animal as often. Those who have not made this a regular habit are advised to bathe weekly at least.

For owners cringing at the idea of bathing their dog more often than they currently do, know that bath time need not be a circus. Any breed of dog can be trained to sit calmly during a bath. It simply takes a bit of patience and work on the owner’s part. Pet owners looking for pet supplies designed to ease dog grooming can visit Pet Fashion and Grooming of New York City’s website. Also be sure to follow the company on Facebook to stay up to date on dog grooming deals.

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