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3 Must-Have Personality Traits for an Effective Home Health Aide January 30, 2017

Wakefield, Bronx
3 Must-Have Personality Traits for an Effective Home Health Aide, Bronx, New York

When it becomes necessary to hire a home health aide or other medical professional, patients want to work with someone they can be comfortable with in their vulnerable state. This means health care experts must not only have the training and skills it takes to care for a patient properly, but also possess the personality traits to make them feel calm. Big Apple Training provides a variety of higher education courses for passionate students in the Bronx and White Plains, New York, looking to advance their medical careers. In the midst of all the technical instruction students receive, they will also come to understand the importance of having certain characteristics.

Here are the most desirable characteristics of a health care provider:

  • Empathy: Home health aides and other medical professionals must be able to relate to their patients on some level and show empathy for how they feel. Aside from administering treatment, they should be able to offer comfort when needed. 
  • home health aideCommunication Skills: It’s important for health care professionals to communicate with their patients effectively and with a positive attitude. They should be able to listen to their patients’ needs and explain in simple terms what’s happening and what they should expect in the future.
  • Respect: Patients want health care providers who respect their wishes and take the time to treat them as an individual rather than another chart to work through. A professional will uphold confidentiality expectations and recognize different cultural beliefs.

The medical field has many demands, from technical skill and compassion to a solid educational foundation and an unwavering dedication to patients. If you’re interested in becoming a certified home health aide, medical assistant, EKG technician, or any other allied health professional, contact Big Apple Training to start a rewarding and challenging career. Visit their website to learn more about financing opportunities. Call (914) 437-7373 to reach the White Plains campus, or call the Bronx location at (718) 231-3600. You can also follow Big Apple Training on Facebook!

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