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3 Things You May Not Know About Electric Heat Pumps February 3, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Things You May Not Know About Electric Heat Pumps, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re used to the more traditional ways of heating and cooling your home with an air conditioner and gas furnace, but have now moved to a home with an electric heat pump, you may be surprised to learn a few things. To help you understand the basics of this new piece of equipment and to help you run it more efficiently, the professionals at Osterwisch Company in Cincinnati, OH, offer a few surprising pointers.

If you’ve never used a heat pump before, the following three features might surprise you:

  • Emergency Heat Setting: Unlike traditional heating and cooling units, an electric heat pump has a backup setting to ensure that your home will always be comfortable. The emergency heat will kick on should your heat pump not be able to reach the temperature you’ve set. The more often you use this emergency heating setting, however, the higher you’ll see your energy bill go.
  • Heat PumpsHeat Pumps Are Sensitive to Weather: You may think that the fact that your electric heat pump will be visibly sensitive to winter weather may be a cause for concern. Rest assured, however, that seeing frost on the outside of heat pump is completely normal. Your heat pumps will periodically go into a defrost mode to help combat these freezing temperatures.
  • Air Is Treated Differently: If you’re used to traditional heating and cooling units, you’ll notice a difference in the way the air feels with a heat pump. Because heat pumps take a longer time to reach your set temperature, the air may feel cooler. Instead of a gas furnace churning out a high temperature quickly, a heat pump will take a longer, slower approach.

Want to learn more about electric heat pumps? Contact the professionals at Osterwisch Company today at (513) 791-3282. You can also visit them online or like them on Facebook for more information regarding all of their services.

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