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How to Make Hospital Corners With Down Bedding February 3, 2017

Mason, Warren
How to Make Hospital Corners With Down Bedding, Mason, Ohio

Hospital corners are a fancy bed-making technique often used on hotel bedding to create crisp, clean lines. If you want to impress guests or make your home feel more luxurious with soft down bedding and taught hospital corners on your sheets, it’s an easy skill to learn. To complete the look, add down pillows from the high-quality selection at DOWNLITE, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. 

Steps to Making a Hospital Corner

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Start With a Flat Sheet

Lay your flat sheet on top of your mattress, with the fitted sheet secured underneath. Make sure the flat sheet lays evenly.

Tuck the Sheet Under

Tuck the sheet under just at the foot of the bed so it fits snugly at the foot, leaving the excess fabric at the sides and corners.

Create a Fold

Take the excess fabric on the side and lift it upward, folding the edges to form a 45-degree angle.

Tuck the Corner

Take the folded piece, holding it out as you bring it down, and tuck it under the mattress. This will form a neatly folded corner.

Tuck in the Sides

Tuck the rest of the sheet under the mattress along the side of the bed.


Repeat these steps on the remaining corner. It is not necessary to make hospital corners near the top of the bed; just fold the sheet over.


Top the bed with your favorite down bedding and down pillows for the finishing touch. 

Learning to create hospital corners on your bed can instantly make your sheets look more clean and elegant, creating the perfect canvas for luxurious down bedding. Hospital corners allow you to create the look of hotel bedding so you can impress guests. For the highest quality down comforters and bedding, shop DOWNLITE’s luxurious collections by visiting the website or calling (866) 931-3696.