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Why tennis will make your kids more successful in school? September 17, 2014

Tribeca, Manhattan
Why tennis will make your kids more successful in school? , Manhattan, New York

I was reading an article yesterday on DNAinfo that stated that a specialty music school boosted the highest scores on the state standardized tests in New York City. There is a clear reason why this is the case. All of the students enrolled in this school are required to regularly practice their music thus giving them limited time to complete their school work. This forces them to focus on their school work and work efficiently. In addition, practicing a craft teaches discipline that manifests itself in studies. Someone who is serious and dedicated to something whether it be a sport or an instrument will be more likely to develop good work habits than someone who is not involved.  So go ahead! Take the plunge and sign up your kids for tennis. Sticking to a strict tennis regime will force them to develop a solid work ethic.   If they get serious about tennis, they will get serious about school.  For information on classes, go to

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