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NYC PC Repair Experts: Must-Know Computer Hardware Maintenance Basics January 27, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
NYC PC Repair Experts: Must-Know Computer Hardware Maintenance Basics, Staten Island, New York

PC repair can be expensive, but with proper hardware maintenance, everything from disc drives to hard drives can last longer and work more reliably. Many aspects of maintenance are non-technical and others require more knowledge. With this guide to the basics from Staten Island’s Alpha Laser Richmond—one of the best PC repair shops in NYC—you’ll see how much you can easily do on your own.

Why Does Maintenance Matter?

Hardware that isn’t maintained is more likely to break down. In the case of a disc drive or computer monitor, getting a replacement is easy as long as you have the money. But for a hard drive, motherboard, or other component, your data could be completely wiped out. Since your files and settings can’t be replaced with a simple trip to the laptop repair shop, they will be gone for good. You can’t put a price on that photo album of your child’s fourth birthday, or the presentation that’s due tomorrow for work!

PC RepairWhat is Required?

The simplest aspect of maintenance is to prevent built-up dust. Using a soft, non-static cloth, wipe down all hardware surfaces. You can also use canned air to blow out dust from the inside of many drives, keyboards, desktop PC cases, printers, and other components to keep them from getting clogged or overheated. Hard drives should be backed up regularly so that lost data can be recovered. Many external hard drives and new computers come with pre-loaded software to help you backup your most important files.

Where Can I Go For Help?

There are many online forums and groups dedicated to finding answers to PC repair and maintenance questions, but since they’re open to everyone, many contributors aren’t credible and may disagree with one another. Your computer manufacturers official website for technical support is a good place to go for basic solutions. For everything else, contact a PC repair expert like those at Alpha Laser Richmond.

Their IT experts have been in business since 1993, helping everyone from consumers that need laptop or PC repair to businesses looking to set up or maintain their networks. Call them at (718) 317-1263 to ask how they can help, or visit them online to view their full list of services.

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